Sunday, March 23, 2008


This Morning:
I bought a candle that appears to be cleaved from wood. It has a length of twine wrapped around it, like a dock pillar. On bad mental days I will enjoy watching it burn. This makes me sound a bit crazy, but I do try and surround my desk with objects that exude good portents. Just in case. I am partial to objects hewn from wood, and a bit of burning wood is a wonderful portent.

Easter today. The Easter Bunny did not kick a hole in my house. Going to see the fam. All of them. I may be tired tonight. Glad to be on Spring Break.

I am not as tired as I thought I would be. The faux wood candle is burning. I was given two pieces of heirloom. One is a gold earring my great grandfather wore when he passed the equator on a boat bound for Brazil. He was leaving Austria Hungary because of the first world war, and headed to the forests of Brazil to work as a lumberjack. The earring is small and has the face of what looks like a west indie god carved into it. The god is wearing a black and white hat. I know the earring is gold, and a gold hoop was meant to hang from it because if someone dies at sea or abroad, a code of honor among these type of men was to use this gold to bury them. I don't know what material the white and black is. The second piece of heirloom is a .32 caliber, single action pistol my great grandfather reputedly used to shoot at a burglar when he finally settled in Cleveland. Apparently single action makes poor target pistol. He missed the burglar. This was shortly before the family moved to Barberton. I'm not sure these objects will exude good portents, but they're certainly interesting to me.

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