Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Graded the essays…I know I’m a slacker. They weren’t bad. I got to use Muppet stickers. They’re better than the stickers with farm animals on them. My favorites were the vegetable stickers, though. Well, I guess the ferret sticker is pretty clutch. And the toad. Clutch is a word not many kids today know, by the way.

Birthing class tonight. I really hope they don’t show a video.

I feel lately as if I’m in a state of inertia. What I should probably do is start exercising. The only problem with weightlifting is it triples my testosterone. You do the math.

It’s 3:38, someone is pushing a vacuum across the carpet, and I missed a puppet play today. One of the autistic kids put one on but I had to teach. Damn it. What a gyp, you know?

One of my fiction students won the Wayne College short story contest. I wish I could take some bit of credit for it, but it was purely her talent. I guess I made her show it to people by assigning a workshop.

Time to go.

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