Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blood Monkeys

So I'm reading Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian and Susan Minot's Monkeys. The books are really different, and though horrible things are happening in just about every paragraph of Blood Meridian, I don't want to read Monkeys anymore because I don't want the mother to die. I'm really hoping someone cuts off her head with a bowie knife...but I'll bet that's not the case. I'll bet something normal happens, like she gets sick, or has a car accident, both of which are much more horrifying than if she were to have her head lopped off.

When I was reading The Sun Also Rises and Mrs. Dalloway at the same time, it was really weird, like choose your own adventure. So, what would happen if the kids in Monkeys ended up on the trail? The book would be called Blood Monkeys. There's only one little kid besides The Kid in Blood Meridian, and he's only there for two paragraphs before he dies, so it would probably be a really short book.

Watching old seasons of the Muppets doesn't help this whole Blurred Lines of Unreality thing.

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