Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So I painted the baby's room and put in carpet and put together the crib and all that. This was actually a while ago... I'm just getting around to writing about it though. I consider myself something of a paint expert. I used to work in a hardware store, and I sold paint and wallpaper. That was when I used to skateboard (see rad pic), so I wore a chain wallet and had long hair, but I knew how to match a paint with a border. Once someone asked us to match a paint color to the color of the sky. We didn't use computers or any of that garbage, it was all done by hand and eye, and anytime you added pigment you dried a sample and checked to see if it was accurate. For the color of the sky we just held it up until it disappeared. I liked working with wood stains the best though. I don't know why. Stains are semi transparent, so you had to know your wood and take into consideration the color the wood may bring to the equation. For instance poplar is sometimes green, so you may have had to add a reddish stain to counteract the green, or pine is yellowish, and so you may have had to add a drop of violet if you didn't want a lot of yellow... oak is often red, and green counteracts red, and so on. It's too bad the little place I worked closed. Support local businesses; though it's not always possible. Little hardware stores are being totally over run by the large corporate chains. I know people who work at the large corporate chains, and they do well there, salary and benefits, but I always think that shopping local helps to support someone's unique energy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Eye of the Ewe

So I have one of those Magic 8 Balls on my desk and occasionally I'll ask it really dumb stuff as a way of releasing negative energy. I just asked it if I'm going to make what I don't know...but it said "outlook not so good." For some reason that answer puts me more at ease than any of the others. Maybe I should design my own Magic 8 Ball, but it would have to be a striped ball, or maybe not even a pool ball, like a sheep eye, and a three sided dice could float around in the aqueous humour and when you read your fortune you'd be staring into the eye of the ewe. There would be three potential answers to any question: "Absolutely! The World Loves You." "Go Back to Bed." & "Nope. You're Totally Screwed." Maybe "Don't Ewe See?"

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tractor Day

So today was drive your tractor to school day as well as senior skip day... I'm trying to discover the link. I guess the kids who wanted to come to school also wanted to show how hardcore they were in yet another way. Those are some wheels, man. My favorite is the guy with the poncho. He gave me some of his poems to read.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

With Honors

So I was inducted into the National Technical Honor's Society as an honorary member. I'm pretty happy about this, though I wish I had more technical skills to speak of.
Animal Management
I walk Grendel, and give him baths, and sometimes clean his ears with Q-Tips. I have tried a variety of methods - mothballs among them - to keep the squirrels from the garage, though they have nested in there again! Our school has a horse. Gosh, I've never even ridden a horse. But I have kissed a dolphin.
I mow the yard. Usually. Pick up sticks.
I like to cook actually. Well, grill.
I'm fond of seeing my name in print.
Auto Body
I've used Bondo a few times. And they showed me how to weld once.
Auto Tech
Sometimes I change my own oil. I'm pretty good at hanging air fresheners from the rear view.
BandAids- check.
I built the deck, didn't I? (I had help)
Sports Fitness
I rode my bike down the hill into the backyard two days ago.
Microsoft Networker
I'm a Mac kind of guy.
Early Childhood Education
Pretty soon...