Friday, September 11, 2009

Holden the Optimist

We learn so much about what Holden thinks is phony in his world, yet we get a strong sense of his value system throughout the book. Your assignment is to find a cause, movement, organization, or charity in our world that Holden would not think is phony.

1) In 300 words, write why you think Holden could get on board with this cause, organization, or charity. You must use specific language from the book.

2) Familiarize us with your cause, organization, or charity. How did you hear about it? What are its goals? Is it possible for anyone to join?

The name of your cause, organization, or charity is due to me by ____________. Presentations will begin ________________. If you do not have a cause, organization, or charity by _______________, I will provide you with one.

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