Thursday, September 10, 2009

Holden the Beat

As a class, we are going to make a mixed CD for Holden Caulfield introducing him to modern music.

You must choose one song with school-appropriate lyrics to appear on the mix. You will be required to write at least 300 words and to give a short presentation (including playing the song) to the class based on the following criteria:

1. Please don’t choose songs at random. Choose the song not necessarily because you like the guitar solo, but because you think it fits Holden in some way. Maybe you think its message might be helpful to Holden. Maybe you think Holden could relate to it in some way. Maybe you think it attempts to teach us something valuable about life. Regardless, have a legitimate reason for picking the song, and be able to explain why Holden Caulfield would like this song using specific references to the novel.

2. Analyze the lyrics. What elements of poetry do you think it includes? (figurative language/symbolism, irony— hyperbole, sarcasm—narrative devices)

3. In order to present the song, you must have a CD with your song and a copy of the lyrics for me.

*This project will be graded on effort, creativity, how well you demonstrate your understanding of the novel, and how well you complete all parts of the assignment.

**Turn in a copy of the lyrics and the CD by ------------- or as soon as you have them. I will choose a song for you if I don’t have materials by this deadline. Presentations will be ----------------.

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