Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good News!

Hey sports fans, this runner is starting to make some progress!  I know most of my posts regarding my running have been kind of meh, but I've pushed through the injuries and self-doubt and feel pretty good about my chances of survival on August 25.  I feel so good apparently, that I've agreed to run a leg of the Akron marathon for my brother-in-law come late September (Yikes!).  I've been running on the road, on treadmills, on trails, and I'm up to 2-3 miles.  Albeit they are only 9-10 minute miles, but, I'm pretty proud of the fact that I didn't give up back when I was barely running half a mile, and my body was falling apart.  

I've had fun rediscovering some old running music.  Some of the stuff I was listening to, I've found, doesn't set a very good pace.  Some songs that work with my pace are: The Presidents of the United States of America "Lump" & "Peaches" and Nirvanna "Molly's Lips" & "Son of a Gun".  What are some other upbeat songs for a child of the 90s with a runner's time signature?    

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