Thursday, February 9, 2017

Superhero Bulletin Board

So... after using Spider-Man in a synthesis project for the composition classes, I was discussing the need for a reading-initiative bulletin board and sort of whining about materials for my old one that were ruined when my room flooded a few years back. It was essentially a bowling alley and the pins were books students finished.

I thought it was clever... anyway... but nearly everything was ruined and we needed to start over. After brainstorming with some of my first period students, we came up with this idea: Spidey is shooting webs at the classic villains in a cityscape. Each web constitutes a book that a student was able to finish... so therefore, reading saves the world!  With some help from my students we made it happen:

The kids seem to dig it.
Update... The Green Goblin has fallen. A dastardly new villain has taken his place.

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