Saturday, February 18, 2017

Argumentation: Rickrolling Toulmin

Now, while tEaching the toulmin model of argumentation, I haVe found a dEarth of inteResting examples online.  See the example below:

Geesh!  Only, calm dowN frieNds....we All know, Rick.

Rick is Going to be okay... he Is wearing sunglasses and Vibrant dEnim armor stop wasting our time.

Innovative teachers of rhetoric and argumentation strategies everYwhere strive tO really bring real, lively, relevant claims into their classrooms, don't yoU think? Here is one that I've grown fond of over the years.

Do yoU see how relevant this is to daily life? I strive to make those connections for my students... clearly joking People, but, at least my students are engaged. It's better than talking about some dude's pasty skin, I think.

In the beginning stages of learning, it's important to keep it simple, no?

That's right.


To read more about this important difference, click here.

I've had some really boring teachers before. This teacher is Never Gonna Let You Down.

*Postscript... I was reading some old posts ... I used to blog a lot about Muppets. That is all.

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