Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mission Questions

The soul speaks a subversive language. 

It looks for exceptions rather than rules… mistrusts the handles of “wise men” and "fool."

The journey toward literacy is a pursuit of the formless through a form.  Some days it’s like trying to make a mirror speak lies.  To what is math a language?  Do hearts pump logarithms?   How many stars am I capable of understanding?  Are any of them on a flag?  Who was the President of the Divided Tables at Lunchtime on September 17, 2014?  What is the atomic weight of love?   How deep is the lake of the mind?    

How do we inspire ourselves to seek the unanswerable question?  How do we chart its value?  Can we quantify gains in the dynamo of the imagination?   

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sgk said...

About the subversive language--

"'It must go further still: that soul must become its own betrayer, its own deliverer, the one activity, the mirror turn lamp'" ( Yeats Qtd. in Abrams, 1953).

I recently thought about the language of math and mused upon an ancient notion involving substance and predication and that of functional notation:

Substance is that which is not said about anything, yet substance is that about which all things are said.

The language of math might illuminate: How might one mathematically express the words above?

Does the following say it: f(x) or 'y' = some predication of x.

For example,
y = 2x requires that whatever x is, it appears doubled and as expressed in the value of 'y' ; x, (the substance), is predicable of having being doubled, yet it is what it is,x.

Learn the visual patterns of graphs for functions, and perhaps the possibilities of yet another rich metaphorical expression of the phenomenal universe emerges.

How many times have I seen a natural phenomena that approximates to the
form f(x)= x squared....