Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Summa Apologia

I have a few writing projects going right now.  Well.  A lot, really.  Getting started has never been a problem for me, but finishing is always the toughest part.  I've always intended to finish an analysis of Gone With the Wind I wrote for Dr. Dukes for my final MFA class.  It was a Buddhist read of the story.  I have since started an analysis of The Road.  I've collected most of the source quotes, but can't find the motivation.  Where does one send critical analysis, anyway, and who cares what I think of a book more people have read than... well most other books?

I have a few new short pieces in the works... same problem.  One's about the Second Coming of Christ, one's about a guy that can't stop vomiting.  Can't find a way out of either, but I like them too much to quit.

I still haven't given up on my novel either.  I'm redrafting the whole thing in the first person.  Finished with the first few chapters.  But now, I have to go back and re-do the second chapter because I got an idea that won't go away.  Winter is affording me some extra time.  For one, we've been off school for a few days, but between blowing snow, pulling Wyatt on the sled, grading, reading Middlesex (which has been the first book to hold my attention in a long time), I don't have a ton of time to devote to my writing.  With the new baby on the way, I don't see my schedule opening up any time soon.  How do I prioritize my writing life?

Some good news is that I have a piece of flash fiction appearing here.  Maybe the answer is flash fiction.  Who knows?


Chris said...

Skarl, I've been meaning to ask the school going to be doing another student writing/art publication? I've got a few things I've been working on lately that I'd like you to look at. I think the one they put together last year was an awesome idea, and I'd definitely be interested in contributing to a future edition.

Oh, and do you happen to have an extra copy of last year's? My mom wants to see it, and I gave the copy I had to my ex-girlfriend. Needless to say that was a stupid idea. Thanks in advance.

John said...

Hi Chris. I'd like it very much if the school does another writing and art publication this year, but these things are like... I feel a christmas metaphor coming on... they're like snowmen. There needs to be good writing and art to make one, kind of like snow. Anyway, I'm glad you're still writing and I'd enjoy it very much if you shared some of your new stuff with me. I happen to have several copies of last year's publication if you want to stop over by 246 some day. Have a good break!