Thursday, May 27, 2010

Project Proposal: The Road

One of your main objectives in reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road is to gather quotes that will help you come to some form of conclusion regarding the following issues and/or themes of the book:

1. Record the usage of religious language by the characters and/or narrators. You should be using these quotes to come to some conclusion regarding the presence of religion in this post-apocolyptic world as well as the characters' attitude toward religion.

2. What does McCarthy have to say about civilization? What about nature? How is organism working alongside mechanism? When are the two at odds? Further, how can we apply the Apollonian and Dionysian conflict to this aspect of the novel?

3. Using what you know of Conrad’s use of light and dark imagery in Heart of Darkness, study the use of fire and/or light in McCarthy. What does fire or light represent in The Road? How is this similar or different from Conrad’s use of light?

4. POV. Who is speaking as the narrator, and when? What seems to be their outlook on the cataclysm? How is their perspective influenced by dreams? Reality? When does the narrative switch between characters? Why does McCarthy switch narrators?

Quote Journals will be due each Friday and will be graded for completion

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