Monday, February 23, 2009

Children's Book Review: Rainbow Rob

I’m a big fan of Rainbow Rob. Rob is a penguin whom one day glances up from his glacier to see a rainbow in the sky. This sets him to wondering why, of all the beautiful colors in the spectrum, is he stuck with black and white? He then daydreams about being orange, like an Orangutan in a jungle gang, a blue whale with a massive tail, a green crocodile with a snappy smile, a pink flamingo from San Domingo, etc. In the end he decides he would not be happy as anything other than what he is—a black and white penguin. Besides, badger, zebra and raccoon (what? No skunk?) come to the rescue to show Rob that black and white is okay.

Maybe it’s because I feel smart when I read baby books; usually they present the world as one with a natural order, definable morals and usually, they end happily. The pictures in Rainbow Rob are fuzzy, crinkly, shiny, etc. so your little one can reach and touch the pages. The book runs about twelve bucks and I recommend it to anyone hoping to enjoy a simple story with their newborn.

It’s okay to be black and white. It’s okay to be you.

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