Thursday, January 8, 2009

Drills for Skillz-Dialogue Writing Exercise

Adolescence is a strange time that calls for even stranger writing prompts. Here's today's lesson.*

You'll Need
Many squares of three different colored paper (we used Blue, Orange and Red)

A group of imaginative adolescents

Paper, pencil

Step One

Write on the blue square the name of a cartoon character or a puppet... someone or something that aims their words at children.

Collect the squares

Write on the orange square the name of a real person that aims their words toward adults.

Collect the squares

Write a controversial topic or media issue that people feel strongly about on the red paper.

Collect the squares

Step Two

Redistribute the squares at random. Each student should have a blue one, orange one, red one. Write for ten minutes a dialogue between the two characters on the controversial topic.

Be prepared for:

Bugs Bunny discussing illegal immigration with Clint Eastwood

Papa Smurf talking with Carmen Electra about gay marriage

Baby Bop talking to Ellen about mad cow disease

*This idea was inspired by a play from The Best Teen Writing of 2008 in which Cookie Monster talks with Oprah about childhood obesity.


Jon Nix said...

Thanks for the support, I'm really getting into it, and I'd love the chance to do a graphic short story, for a copy like ", It's also gotten me writing again. I think you'd dig some of the short pieces I've been working on.

John said...

I'd really love to read them. Send me one!