Monday, July 7, 2008

house work

So I stripped three layers of shingles from the garage, first layer dating back to 1954, and apparently in 1954 they didn't use tar paper, so some of the shingles stuck to the boards (not plywood), and the nails stuck because the boards were old and dried out. After the shingles and old nails were gone, along came the tar paper, luckily, because it rained on Thursday before I could finish, but I pulled off the eaves and fascia and replaced those mostly so the squirrels stay OUT. Cut a ridge vent and finished the roof on Friday and started the soffit under the porch eaves. Lots of restless energy.

I was trying to think if I've ever read a scene that involved roofing. I don't think so.

Postscript 7/25/08 I recently read a story by Dawson Steeber about two roofers. It's a knockout.

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