Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wyatt Leonard Skarl

Wyatt was born at 2:07am on June 2, 2008. He was 19.5 inches, seven pounds. Remember the post about the dream of the train and the number seven? Well, he didn't walk seven steps at his birth, but we were in room seven, which is cool, but not nearly as cool as if he had come out fully enlightened. I guess that's what his life is for.

His favorite story (well, maybe my favorite story at this point) is "The Color Kittens," and he doesn't mind Yeats either.

Glad I have the laptop; I've been able to manage quite a bit from the room- I brought Carrie a plant from home (Holden II- the first Holden died), some cake, and thought about sneaking Grendel in (our dog). I've been grading final reader response essays and checking out the Barn Owl Submissions. I can't believe we have so many!


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Yes! Congrats John!