Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I hate feeling like the day was pointless, but as I sit to write about it, that's what I feel. Maybe not pointless, but uninspired... it's bad when the highlight of the day was waiting for a Fed Ex delivery... maybe I need some crab apples for my cheeks. No, highlight of the day was taking Wyatt out for the first time. To General for lactation advice, then to Target for a Frappuccino (us, not him...what a lengthy Wiki page!...I still like the discussion on the refrigerator Wiki page over what distinguishes a refrigerator from a freezer...what? was Aqua Teen a rerun that night?) then to Ritzman's pharmacy. I talked to the pharmacist about him, and some (older) woman who encouraged carrie to stick with the breast feeding. Ritzman's has good black licorice by the way...but what I've been looking for for some time now is those old licorice pipes. Those were the best. See what I mean? I feel like I've inherited the attention span of a newborn. Maybe it was the movie we watched... Bee Movie. I think I'd rather be stung by bees. Sometimes I like kids movies... like Bug's Life wasn't bad, or I kind of liked the one about the French rat, but this one was pretty dumb, I thought, and then I always chastize myself for being too critical of something that probably doesn't even warrant such criticism. I also rented I'm Not There... looking forward to that one, and I was psyched to see the Hunter S. Thompson documentary in the works. Timely? Perhaps...

I've been reading Wyatt Catch-22 before bed. His favorite name is Chief White Halfoat.

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