Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rolling on three hours sleep. Let the bottle feeding commence. Not as bad as it sounds. I was up most of the night reading. I've got three books going- Catch-22, which still never fails to put Wyatt to sleep, and is quickly becoming a test of endurance for papa... how much of this kind of back and forth stuff can a person read? I don't know. The answer seems to be how much could a person write? Right now it looks like 400+ pages. I hope the narrative picks up a bit because a few hundred pages in it's becoming overwhelmingly clever.

Surprise hit is Caveman's Guide to Baby's First Year, which I thought was going to be something like babies for dummies. Who knows, maybe it is, and this dummy doesn't know any better, but the book has surprised me by being both clever and useful. I know I told some people I wouldn't be reading any how-to-daddy-books, but this one is a far cry from Chicken Soup for the Daddy's Soul, all right?

Can't forget Barn Owl submissions.

Living the Wisdom of the Tao is this month's bathroom material. That, and #63 of Wolverine's new series. They'll never top the original, but the new one is not bad. On one cover (issue #2) he's reading Walden. What kind of poetry would Logan read if Logan read poetry... hard to say, but I'll bet he's a Hemingway fan.

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