Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Recent exercise - carrying Wyatt upstairs for a changing (at first, now I use the pack and play). He's starting to smile now, which has been very rewarding, though people (cynics) tell me it might be gas. He definitely focuses on objects. For instance, he loves the giraffe wall cling above his changing table, and he likes to stare at bright lights and faces. Again, (cynics) say a baby would stare at a ping pong paddle, or say, a frisbee, if you held it in front of them. Sometimes I get the impression that he wants to do things that his body won't yet allow. For instance, the day he was born he started lifting his head. It's mostly when I've got him against my shoulder. He definitely wants to play frisbee golf- he knows this is a wonderful summer activity. At the moment he is patiently enduring the unfortunate truth that his hands are not yet large enough to hold a distance driver. Or a fishing pole! Did you know today is National Catfish Day?

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Frank (the Colt) said...

Sounds like you're loving being a dad. Cute picture.