Sunday, June 15, 2008


For a while there I felt like I was driving down a dirt road at night with “Blackhole” by Beck playing at full volume on the cd player, which is a great track but lures me into a catatonic state. I guess I would advise this track selection if you happen to be driving down a dirt road at night, but I might go ahead and be presumptuous and suggest something like Time Out of Mind. There are a few tracks on that album that are just creepy enough to call up images of backwater goofballs loading corpses into the trunk…something like Nashville meets Fargo. My kind of backwoods music.

Do you remember when I said on bad mental days I’d enjoy watching the candle that resembles a hunk of wood burning? Yeah, well, that’s been the last couple of days, but I kind of had a breakthrough today, and I’m not going to write too much about it in fear of cursing it, or hyping myself, but I guess I’m hyped, and in the long run, I wonder if that’s all that matters.

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