Thursday, June 5, 2008

Big Babies

So now that I stare at Wyatt all the time, everyone looks like a newborn. I was driving and this guy passed me on his motorcycle, and he STUCK OUT HIS TONGUE. What a large baby, and what a noisy toy. There was this other guy sticking his head out the window of his car to check for oncoming traffic, and he dug his chin down on his shoulder the way Wyatt does when he wants fed, and he looked like a big baby. Maybe people only look like newborns when they're driving. No, that's not true. The kid that waited on me at Target looked like a very stylish baby. His hair was up in one of those faux-hawk things, and he had no idea what I was asking him.


Tobin F. Terry said...

Congrats again. I look forward to reading your insights. This is another daddy blog I like to read. Might be entertaining for you:

emily said...

There was a guy in my backyard today stealing my mint plant (STEALING! He has an art gallery next door and he sells them)and he was wearing tan dress pants, only they were kind of bunchy around his crotch area, like a diaper would be. Baby.