Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hello world. It's been a while. I cleaned my computer desk, so that now it's not layered with stacks of papers and other things. I was burning some incense tonight while I was cleaning and playing guitar with a friend and woah... it's good stuff. I think it's from World Market of all places, but it's called,,,oh wait, I threw away the packaging. Too bad.

I was typing something the other day about the Hemingway story with the Romans drinking wine from stone bowls... the ones that had just finished crucifying Jesus. I forget what I was going to say about the story. I think I was going to fashion the text I was writing into a fancy pattern or something... not a crucifix. Like a bulls eye or something.

So yeah, I got to play some guitar today with a friend. How awesome is that? I'll tell you, it was very awesome. He was playing my fretless bass and he had bought some nylon strings, and the black nylon strings for the fretless bass are pretty awesome.
And I'll tell you folks, some days you feel like a rockstar, some days you don't. Today I felt like a rockstar. It was the guitar, yeah, but it was also the way the sky was sunny, but still threatening rain, and the rhododendrons out front finally bloomed and a big bud like a pink crown fell to the ground, and there are some white flowers blossoming somewhere that stick to the bottoms of your shoes and you end up tracking them inside, and my bonsai tree hasn't died yet, and I opened a few windows, and time moves on regardless, and now it's Sunday the 18th of May, 2008.

I keep waiting for Carrie to go into labor. It's kind of weirding me out, but then I talk to her, and not really. Did I tell you, we picked the baby name? You're going to like it. I promise.

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